Our BCM services help you implement best-in-class BCM capability, ensuring the continuity of critical business functions and to move forward as seamlessly as possible.
ASC has formed strategic alliances with qualified vendors to provide you with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning and Consulting Services. We provide you step by step guidance in the development of a sound Business Continuity and Crisis Management Plan, to enable the business to continue despite a disaster, crisis or an emergency.

Once BCM is implemented, you can identify the potential threats to an organization, the consequences to the business if the threats occur, and how to minimize the disruption to the business.

The main benefits of implementing BCM in your organization are:
  • Provides stakeholders with assurance that risks from potential disasters have been reasonably mitigated
  • Provides staff with proper procedures in case of disaster or crisis/li>
  • Ensures a faster and effective recovery of business operations
  • Ensures compliance with industry standard security practices
  • Demonstrate to underwriters or insurers that the company has properly assessed the risks of conducting business and are proactively managing their business risks
  • Gain competitive advantage


An ISMS provides a systematic approach to managing sensitive information in order to protect it. It encompasses employees, processes and information systems.ISO 27001 is a specification for creating ISMS. It helps an organization ensure it is always appropriately protected.

ASC is engaged in offering ISO 27001 certification that deals with information security management standard for all kind of organizations. We provide training and consultancy services for achievement of ISO 27000 certificate. The scope and duration of consultancy varies depending on the maturity level of the customer’s existing processes and systems.

With the help of certified implementers and consultants, ASC helps the organizations to design and build an ISMS platform that can effectively be used to manage and improve an organization’s information security.

The key benefits to the customer are:
  • Compliance with ISO 27001 standard
  • Manageable information security practices and documented processes


Our team will work with you to evaluate, select and oversee the implementation of the right BusinessIntelligence (BI) products and technologies (e.g. Cognos, Informatica, Oracle, Microsoft, Business Objects) for your organization. We will help you find the right combination of people, best practices, and technology to transform your information resources into actionable intelligence with its Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing services.

  • DW/BI Strategy
  • BI Vendor / DW tool evaluation
  • DW Migration Services
  • Project Management Services