ASC offers a wide range of Call Center services including inbound and outbound calls. We provide bilingual services, i.e., English and Arabic.
Our Call Center enables you to outsource a part or all of your business service needs to us. We provide you with the infrastructure, training, human resources management and quality assurance to facilitate a total seamless integration of corporate culture, data systems and program management.

When you partner with us to avail of our Call Center services, you benefit not only from our skilled and bilingual workforce but also get all the advantages of a reliable telecommunications Call Center infrastructure. Furthermore, our business-friendly policies ensure that your business potential is maximized and your costs minimized, thus resulting in significant service improvement and overall customer satisfaction.

We understand that each each Call Center client’s needs are specific to their businesses therefore we offer customized solutions that fit your particular requirements.

Outsourcing your Call Center to us allows you to focus on your core competencies, and frees you from routine, time-consuming concerns. You are thus empowered to focus on strategic objectives in your field.


ASC is a strategic outsourcing partner for retail businesses and network carriers for FFP/loyalty programs.
Outsourcing Loyalty operations enable organizations to considerably reducing their cost of operations, achieve greater flexibility and empower them with the ability to respond nimbly.

An effective loyalty program can help you to attract new customers to your business and maximize the relationship you have with your existing customers. You can depend on our expertise to help you design, implement and manage a loyalty program that deliver tangible benefits for your customers and creates long-term competitive advantage for your company.

The Services currently offered by ASC broadly include:
  • Managing Walk-in Centre
  • Call Centre
  • Plastic card personalization & Fulfillment Services
  • Marketing/Campaign management
  • Customer Service management