Job Title: IT Technician

Responsible for providing day-to-day hands on technical support externally to ASC’s end user in areas related to hardware, software, systems, applications & services as well as performing installations, maintenance and troubleshooting in order to ensure all ASC clients’ requests are handled efficiently.

Key Roles and Responsibilities
Policies & Procedures

  • Implement the IT Department’s set policies and procedures and comply with ASC’s other policies.

Technician Activities

  • Perform regular maintenance of all system software and hardware as per maintenance schedule, etc. to ensure business continuity and minimize the system interruptions based on ASC clients’ requests.
  • Provide Desktop/ Laptop installations, upgrade and maintenance including installation and upgrade of current office applications, operating system, anti-virus software, conducting file backups, etc.
  • Set up and configure desktop computers, peripherals and user accounts, assigning security levels, network access, etc.
  • Install new hardware and equipment including (printers, Laptops, LCDs…etc.) as and when required by the client.
  • Follow up and analyze the performance of upgraded systems, keeping track of their performance, reliability, risks and benefits.
  • Provide ongoing application support / technical expertise to end users in order to enhance security and availability of applications as well as to support desktop software and hardware troubleshooting.
  • Provide one on one assistance to ASC’s end user regarding the technical flaw, either by phone, mail or in person.
  • Configure and repair of faulty equipment from customers to ensure clients’ needs are fulfilled and increase their satisfaction level.
  • Handle clients’ incidents and requests according to ASC’s agreed procedures as well as ensuring that such incidents are documented in the appropriate form.
  • Identify technical issues and escalate ASC clients’ complex problems to the direct supervisor.
  • Execute allotted work within the specified deadlines and maintain records of daily tasks.
  • Perform other duties related to the job as assigned by the Direct Manager.


  • Prepare and submit progress reports to the direct manager pertaining to incidents and reports related to the areas which require attention as required.

Job Requirements
Educational Qualification, Professional Certifications and Affiliations

  • Diploma or Vocational training in a related field.

Work Experience

  • Minimum of 0 - 3 years of experience in the same or related field.

Behavioural Competencies

  • Job Knowledge
  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Teamwork

Language Skills

  • Proficient in English and Arabic