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IT Infrastructure

We assist our customers to improve and grow their business with cloud, HCI, and software defined solutions.

Healthcare Information System

Our HIS solution, with its wide range of modules and features; will assist hospitals and clinics run their operations efficiently and effectively.

Student and Learning Management System

At ASC, we target to support and improve Education sector through our comprehensive LMS solution.

Engineering Solutions and Services

ASC offers industry professionals the latest technology in the engineering software to be capable of designing, operating and maintaining infrastructure projects.

Managed Service Provider & Outsourcing Services

We assist our customers to focus on their business by transferring their IT operations to our dedicated and skilled team.

Professional Services

We offer the right knowledge and expertise to support customers in architecture solutions, design, project implementation, and technical support

Pitman Training

Pitman Training Center is a subsidiary of Automated systems company (ASC) . Pitman training offers a variety of training in business, management, finance, IT and more.

Low Voltage

We have the capability to design, propose, and implement the right low voltage solution to our customers.

who we are

Automated Systems Company provides a diverse set of technology Services & Solutions to all industries. ASC is a Public Shareholding Kuwaiti Company, listed in Boursa Kuwait. Our journey started by supporting the Aviation industry, and has grown today to provide IT Services & Solutions to Healthcare, Education, Banking, Oil & Gas, Telecom, and Construction industries.

mission statement

Mission for Customers

Deliver services of the highest standards to our customers, enabling technological transformation in converting IT services to be an integral part of their enterprise value chain

Mission for Employees

Invest in our employees to create a culture which emphasizes on skill and core competency development for individual aspirations and service excellence.

Mission for Shareholders

Create a regional market leader that is forward focused, agile, and able to adapt to a changing technological and economic landscape

vision statement

“To be a regional leading technology partner enabling enterprise transformation”

Market Domains

Leading the technology solutions field by providing services and solutions such as Government / Semi-Government,Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Telecommunications, Education & Training, Healthcare, Engineering industry, Retail & Logistics and Travel Industry.

Corporate Values


Emphasizes the company’s pursual for sustainable development and growth in the region as an IT service provider while contributing towards the development of customers and employees

Innovation and new technology

Company’s approach to enable innovation of solutions through technology and drive the transformation of organizations

Customer Focused

Identification of the need to provide an excellent customer experience catering to varying requirements for IT technological solutions and effectively capture, retain a large customer base


Company’s strive to fulfill its objects and stakeholder’s needs while maintaining the highest standard of integrity and ethical values

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